Pure Bright Solutions products are available for all commercial or industrial applications and special needs of any sort , from the smallest retrofit to major renovation projects. Contact us for purchasing options near you.


Any federal, state or local government entity can purchase through this streamlined channel that dovetails with many established government procurement programs.

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

In addition to energy-efficient high quality products that last, Pure Bright Solutions offers energy analysis, long-term pricing stability, financing and other assistance specifically designed for energy performance contracts.


Our durable products are tested in the most extreme marine conditions ensure industry-leading trouble-free reliability allowing you to focus on other important work activities.


Interested in including Pure Bright Solutions best-in-class technology products in your products?  Start here.

Financing Options

It's even easier to buy our products with financing that includes discounted rates and extended repayment periods. You can minimize your initial investment expense while capitalizing immediately on the savings to overhead.