LED Tube Lamps

Pure Bright Lighting has a patented technology that provides more light using fewer watts. US Patent 8,723,433 B2, filed on January 7, 2013 and European Patent 13155891.8 filed on February 20, 2013. The proprietary engineering design in our tubes generates a greater beam angle, creating more lumen output while using far less energy. The LED tubes from Pure Bright operate as such a low temperature, the need to replace ballasts is reduced by 50%. Our tubes enable average energy cost reduction of as much as 60%, without the need to do anything except change a lamp.

We invite you to compare the technical superiority of Pure Bright Lighting products with any product in the industry.

• Superior Technology
• Light Output (Lumens)
• Light Distribution (Beam Angle, Down Flux, Up Flux)
• Color Temperature (CRI)
• Efficacy (Lumen per Watt)
• Input Voltage (Volts AC)
• Input Power (Watts)
• Temperature Rise (oF)
• Ballast Compatibility
• Dimming Compatibility
• Lamp Life (Hours)

We are able to excel in these areas due to our continual improvement of our design (now in its 7th generation) and the use of quality components (LED Arrays, drivers, end caps, housings).


Product Differentiator - T8 Ballast Compatible Tube Lamps (pdf)