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There's tremendous pressure to eliminate fluorescent lamps from commercial buildings, institutions and industrial facilities. The LED lamps and fixtures from Pure Bright Lighting are the perfect solution.

Our series of patented LED tubes need no special wiring, no new ballasts and no electrician. Just insert them into an existing fluorescent tube light fixture. It's really that simple. Best of all, with the savings in time and energy, these tubes typically pay for themselves in just 2 years.

Unlike many other tubes, these are completely safe. Tested in extreme conditions, it has earned the highest rating from Underwriters Laboratory (UL) with regard to safety and performance. The patented design allows these tubes to operate at a lower temperature while providing more light than most other LED replacement tubes.​

Pure Bright Lighting recommends ballast-compatible products as the best option with respect to energy-efficiency, performance, safety and ease of installation. Please contact Pure Bright Lighting for assistance in selecting the best combination of products for your application

Project Types Suitable for Pure Bright LED Tube Lamps

• Commercial
• Industrial
• Governmental
• Educational
• Medical
• Marine

Notable Projects

• British Petroleum, Worldwide - Oil Tankers
• Chicago Naval Yards, Chicago, IL
• State Department, Washington, DC - Office Buildings
• Moorings Park, Naples FL - Assisted Living Facility


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