LED Lamps


Pure Bright Lighting offers direct replacement options for T8 LED tubes ideal for most commercial, industrial and special applications. These tubes are generations ahead of other LED tubes with respect to technology, environmentally sensitive components and safety. 

They have earned the top UL safety rating fully-verified in US test labs, outperforming competitive products in nearly every measurable energy and environmental category. Install our LED tube lamps and start saving money instantly. Incorporate energy efficient technology fast and easy with our LED tube lamps.


T8 LED Tube - Available in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 8ft Linear and 4ft U-Bend lengths and are compatible with more instant-start, rapid-start and program-start ballasts than any other manufacturer. It is made with safe and environmentally-sensitive components that have UL rating of plastics that minimizes harmful gas emission during extreme conditions as in a fire. It is ideally suited for facilities with building automation systems, providing dimming capabilities better than the fluorescent tubes being replaced. Quite simply, our T8 tube is the best solution for turning those expensive fixtures into durable and safe energy-saving dynamos.